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中国·重庆/成都/上海——社区景观设计 | 景观研发

美国公司/深圳场域——景观规划 | 生活圈规划 | 城市更新


多年来,A&N尚源景观始终坚持以“满足客户需求、超出客户期望”的服务理念,与国内外众多知名地产企业保持长期稳定的战略合作关系,并承接了一系列重点项目,遍布全国60多个城市。尚源作品涵盖“现代时尚”、“自然本美”、“美好生活” 等多个系列作品。

A&N Shangyuan International, founded in 2006, is a research and development landscape design organization with the enterprise vision of "building a better life".

A&N Shangyuan Landscape, with its full process quality control system of "early research and development, mid-term design implementation, and later quality control", continuously upgraded design techniques, and rich experience, has received high praise from numerous experts and customers at home and abroad with high-quality, efficient, professional design and good customer service. It has established a good corporate image in the industry and has become a professional company with comprehensive strength and influence in the field of landscape design. At the same time, it has also won multiple international awards and become a leading landscape design institution in the industry.

We have established offices in multiple locations both domestically and internationally, including our Chongqing/Chengdu branch in China, Shangyuan Jixu, Shanghai business unit, Shangyuan Shenzhen field, and Los Angeles Company (A&N+), with over 150 employees worldwide. Among them, there are many elite teams with over ten years of experience, who customize professional design services for various types of customers and carry out design cooperation, research, and practice in international fields.

For many years, A&N Shangyuan Landscape has always adhered to the service concept of "meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations", maintained long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationships with many well-known real estate enterprises at home and abroad, and undertaken a series of key projects, covering more than 40 cities across the country.

Shangyuan's works cover multiple series of works, including "Modern Fashion", "Natural Beauty", and "Beautiful Life". And conduct product system research and development for customers.